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What's new for gas system inspections according to DVGW G 607? - GAGT

What’s new for gas system inspections according to DVGW G 607?

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On 01 January 2023, the new “Quality Management System AÜK (Accredited Inspection in the Motor Vehicle Fabric) will come into force for the first time.

For this purpose, all motor vehicle businesses that want to offer official vehicle inspections and tests must in future be accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020. In Germany, this applies not only to the exhaust emission test (AU/AUK), but also to the safety test for trucks etc. – (SP) and the gas system test (GAP), according to the specifications of § 41a with annex for motor vehicles with engine drive (LPG) or (CNG), according to StVZO.

The gas system test according to DVGW worksheet G 607 is not affected by this, as it is still not part of the “official vehicle inspections” within the scope of the StVZO. However, it remains to be seen whether this will be achieved by 01 January 2023. If one accepts all the requirements that are placed on an “official vehicle inspection”, also in this context, as not actually given. The requirements to obtain accreditation by the DAkkS are immensely high and also financially exceed many businesses, especially motor caravan and caravan workshops, which are not affiliated to a central QM system, e.g. the Federal Guild Association.

For workshops, however, registration alone is not enough. They must also prove the quality standards required here in audits and, from 1 January 2023, a new measurement procedure for an AU and GAP must also be available as equipment. It goes without saying that all of this, as always, goes hand in hand with new training courses and also requires considerable investment. Several thousand euros will probably be due here, and this is already certain.

However, this does have one advantage for the consumer: slowly but surely, a long-demanded testing regulation is coming into being.

As there is still no realisable concept for a gas system test according to DVGW worksheet G 607 for the time after 1 January 2023 on the table and this “test” G 607 has not been part of an “official vehicle test” until now. It is very unlikely that this will continue after the suspension by the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI). Unless Ref. StV 22 in the BMVI responds to the desperate call for help from the well-known lobby association of the gas industry and turns another big wheel. This call for help was sent personally to the head of the StV. 22 in the BMVI. In response, the association received the promise that it would of course be involved in further decisions, with a date being given. This is called “lobbying”.

More background information will be provided in the coming months.

gez. Peter Ziegler CEO



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