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The dirty business with the good faith of motor caravan/caravan owners, - GAGT

The dirty business with the good faith of motor caravan/caravan owners,


regarding gas system tests and the press releases of the DVFG e.V.

It is nothing new that gas tests of/on motor caravan and caravan vehicles are just now, after the last publication in the Verkehrsblatt Heft 24 from 2021 and the amendment of the guideline, for the performance of main inspections (HU) and the assessment of the defects found on vehicles according to §29, Annexes VIII and VIIIa StVZO(“HU guideline”) (BMVI/StV 22/7341. 1/40 of 02.12.2019 Verkehrsblatt 2019, Heft24, Nr. 176, S. 871, does not meet with the approval of the DVFG e.V. and others, is generally understandable. However, to have the cheek to make the claim in a press release dated 11 January 2022, quote: “Testing of liquefied petroleum gas systems in vehicles gets new legal basis”, is simply made up out of thin air. However, to imply that the Federal Ministry of Transport has created a new legal basis, which now quote: “Independent inspectors can take over the check” is quite brazen. The GAGT e.V. has now submitted this press release to the BMDV and the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and received the following reply from the BMDV.

Correction with reply from the BMDV dated 19 January 2022

Quote: The associations will be involved in the next amendment of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations as part of the consultation process. We ask for your understanding that the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport (BMDV) cannot provide any information on future planned ordinances whose concrete contents have neither been agreed upon nor for which a draft exists or has been published. Quote: End.

There is nothing more to add to this statement! Those who still believe the statements of the DVFG e.V. can unfortunately no longer be helped. So open the windows and get your money out. Stupidity costs money.


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