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LawDays 2020 on 22 October 2020 - GAGT

LawDays 2020 on 22 October 2020


The “German Association for Gas Technology e.V.” www.gagt.de, would like to invite you to our LawDays 2020 on 22 October 2020 in D-65520 Bad Camberg-Erbach, (Erlenbachhalle) Horstweg 4.

This is again a joint event, with the cooperation of the “gas expert” Karin Nöfer and the company ALUGAS.


After the entry into force of the framework regulation VO 2018/858 EU and the expiry of VO 2007/46/ EG on 01 September 2020, vehicle and parts manufacturers, as well as manufacturers of independent component groups, will undergo massive changes in the vehicle and motor caravan type approval process. The EU Commission alone, together with the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS), will determine what happens in the future with regard to motor vehicles and parts. In this context, it must be mentioned in particular that the manufacturers of motor caravans will also and especially be affected, and thus inevitably the entire trade.

Since in the future the emission values, according to Regulation 2017/1151, will be handled very strictly, as they already are in the area of vehicle classes M (passenger cars), and will continue to become stricter, this applies especially now to the area of class M1 vehicles (motor caravans, etc.). But there will not only be serious changes here, but also in your workshop area. Here, the DAkkS, with its certification areas of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012, has taken over the reins of action for many activities through certification measures. In many respects, you will now be forced to reorient yourself in many service areas in your workshop, which will of course also be associated with many investments. Otherwise, there is the threat of a massive exodus of customers.

Furthermore, the question also arises as to what will happen to the gas system inspection according to DVGW G 607, actually and already before and after January 2023? We will also address and clarify this at this event. But also the handling of “pressurised gas containers” in general according to the “Ortsbewegliche Druckgeräte-Verordnung (ODV)” (Ordinance on Transportable Pressure Equipment), will definitely not be what it was in the past in the next few weeks. The “Market Surveillance” of the upper state authorities in the federal states, united in the working group ERFA-MÜoD, at the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, will have explicitly the excesses in this area in Germany and Europe on the agenda in March of this year at the request of the GAGT e.V.. We will also report on pending lawsuits and their outcomes. Here is a hint for you: go to the website of the GAGT e.V. at www.gagt.de, then click on “Company”. If you look carefully, you will discover completely new techniques for dealing with LPG filling stations, pressurised gas container filling stations and much more. But also new engine drives of the future, whereby these will also be available for motor caravans (diesel/petrol) in the future. So why not take a look into the future now? Enjoy your journey into the future.

Agenda LawDays Germany 22 October 2020

9:30 Opening and welcoming of the participants P. Ziegler Chairperson

9:40 Explanation of the topics that will be addressed and dealt with.

will be addressed and dealt with.

10:00 Presentation of the Framework Regulation 2018/858/EU and the implications for the

the type-approval procedure in the European Economic Area as of

01 September 2020 and its implementation in Germany.

10: 30 Coffee break

10: 45 Continuation of the presentation on the Framework Regulation

11: 30 Introduction to the EU Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1151 as of

June 2017 on the type-approval of motor vehicles with regard to the
emissions of commercial vehicles (Euro 5, Euro 6) with the introduction of the new

WLTC/WLTP for the type approval of new models and engine variants.

12: 15 Lunch

13: 15 Continuation of the presentation with examples, especially concerning the engine and caravan manufacturers.

caravan manufacturers. The question is to be clarified whether the manufacturers are

manufacturers are still in a position to offer such vehicles to the trade or the

to offer such vehicles to the trade or the consumer at all? In this context, we will again consult Regulation 2018/858/EU.

will be consulted.

14: 15 Coffee break

14:30 Introduction with explanations/explanations of the certification of monitoring

organisations, motor vehicle workshops and companies that carry out sovereign requirements, such as GAP/G 60.

GAP/G 607 (gas tests) but also offer the HU and AU as a service.

AU as a service. However, this is now under the auspices of the DAkkS.

15:30 Coffee break

15:45 Discussion with the participants

16:30 Expected END of the event, if desired, discussions can be held with the organiser afterwards.

with the organiser after the event.

Contribution towards expenses and registration for the event

Due to the nature of the event, admission to the event can only be granted with written registration. You will find a registration form as a PDF file at the end of the invitation! And here again all the key data.

Venue: D – 65520 Bad Camberg-Erbach, (Erlenbachhalle), Horstweg 4

Date: 22 October 2020

Start: 9:30 End approx. 16:30

Contribution towards expenses: 169,00,- € Members of the GAGT e.V. pay a contribution towards expenses of 140,00,- €.

* Meals and conference drinks are included in the price.

* Ample parking is available for cars and motor caravans and is free of charge.

Participation fees are to be paid in advance to:

GAGT e.V., Kreissparkasse Limburg, IBAN DE81 5115 0018 0090 9763 74.

Reason for payment: Training Bad Camberg-Erbach GAGT e.V.

Invoices will be issued after registration.

Registration deadline is 01 October 2020, using the PDF form.

If you have any questions about the event, please send an e-mail to peter.ziegler@gagt.de or call 06434-4055.

Please make your own hotel reservations under “Hotels” Bad Camberg – they are not included in the conference price.
gez. Peter Ziegler


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