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Clarifications in the matter of ALUGAS tank cylinders "Travel Mate" and their use. - GAGT

Clarifications in the matter of ALUGAS tank cylinders “Travel Mate” and their use.


Dear visitor, the “German Association for Gas Technology” e.V. (GAGT e.V.), would like to inform you about the latest state of affairs concerning ALUGAS “Travel Mate” compressed gas cylinders. It turned for the owners of ALUGAS “Travel Mate” pressure gas containers now everything to the positive. This is owed exclusively to the relentless employment of the GAGT registered association, together with the company ALUGAS. The latter was of course also the most damaged in the past. But let’s come back to what happened and still continues to this day. On the sides of many alleged gas federations in Germany, the ALUGAS tank bottle “Travel Mate” was quasi Verteufelt. The accusations read from dangerous with the use, from insurance loss with the installation in motor caravan and caravan for owners. There were even monitoring organizations, which spread many “horror scenarios” and still do today. The last means was the refusal of inspection stickers in the context of skin examinations after § 29 StVZO.

It does not need to be mentioned again that also the appeal to a gas plant examination after DVGW G 607, itself on the instigation of the GAGT registered association, dissolved into thin air. Particularly remarkable is a letter of the “German association liquid gas e.V.” (DVFG e.V.) of 13.02.2020, to the head of the Ref. StV 22 in the Ministry of Transport (BMVI), with the question Quote: Does the BMVI share the legal opinion of the DVFG, that the gas system inspection according to the worksheet G 607, due to the duty of care of the vehicle owner, is still mandatory every two years? End of quote. If since approx. 1976 such gas system inspections were accomplished without a legal basis and thereby according to computations of the GAGT registered association approx. 660 million DM and/or starting from 2001 also in euro were taken in, one asks now the legislator whether this was lawful? For the GAGT e.V. this behavior is perverse and requires also an investigation by national places.

That however monitoring organizations of TÜV, DEKRA, KÜS, GTÜ and others would still participate in these machinations, shows once again that the upper state authorities as a supervisory authority according to StVZO, have lost control over your monitoring organizations. However, it has not even been determined by customers who have visited a test center, that these gas system tests according to DVGW G 607, are listed on the price lists in the notice of the test centers, with indication of the activity with prices. How much stupidity must there actually still be, if one pays 30.- to 60.- euro without legal default voluntarily. Not handing over the original inspection and service booklets issued by the vehicle manufacturer for the vehicle and its body? Instead of it of an federation even made test books, quasi as lawfulness regards. Also up to this day nobody questioned, where the taken money actually flowed and how it was declared without booking number for the tax office as income and this also still legally. It lies with such behavior the assumption near, it could be a kind “black money” account!
We come now however on the sales and the handling of the ALUGAS “Travel Mate” tank bottle, in connection with the installation and the use, as well as the filling by the vehicle owner of a motor caravan and caravan to speak. The products manufactured by the company ALUGAS, as the manufacturer of the pressurized gas tank “Travel Mate”, are legal according to European legislation. Of course, they also comply with all necessary valid directives and regulations in the EU. This decision has also been reached by the upper state authorities (market surveillance authorities of the states) belonging to the Central Office of the States for Safety (ZLS), in the Bavarian State Ministry for the Environment and Consumer Protection (StMUV). The written statement is available in the original to the GAGT e.V. and was also already handed over to the law firms entrusted with the matter. One must know, which still some procedures lining up, as well as also still another appeal procedure at the OLG Munich in the thing ALUGAS – DVFG, because of omission. Once again, however, here for clarification all representations refer only to ALUGAS tank cylinders “Travel Mate” with the approval according to “CE” and not according to “PI”.

Furthermore, we may inform you that the GAGT e.V. has filed a complaint on 09.10.2021 with the said ZLS in Munich, because of non-delivery of declarations of conformity in the sale of “PI” pressurized gas containers. This complaint is based on the Ordinance on Transportable Pressure Equipment (ODV) and the Regulation (EU) 2019/1020, in which under point (1), a consistent enforcement of the ODV and the entire market surveillance in Germany is required. The GAGT e.V., has as a further requested an appointment with the EU Commissioner for Transport in Brussels, Ms. Valea. Since also in the new framework regulation (EU) 2018/858 substantial craft errors were made, straight regarding type approvals for motor caravan and caravan. In the processing of the topic of pressurized gas containers according to “CE” whether 5 kg 11 kg or others and the applicable legal requirements, it has now also emerged that, for example, workshops or sales bases of these above-mentioned vehicles associated with product liability and product safety, have no clue. There the question arises, who is actually responsible for these contribution payers in the house of the guilds? After our inquiries probably nobody and that to the disadvantage of customers.
The documents to the communications of the legislator are not accessible for everyone. The GAGT e.V., will present in the context of technical training courses starting from 4. and 5. March 2022, further details. Invitations will follow.


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