Circular letter to all installers of ALUGAS “Travel Mate” tank cylinders.

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the necessity of information exchange for GAGT e.V. members and those who would like to become members in the future, we would like to make an offer here.

This is a joint initiative of ALUGAS, Karin Nöfer (the gas expert) and the “German Association for Gas Technology e.V.”.

The marketing and installation of ALUGAS “Travel Mate” is already continuing successfully in 2021. Now that Switzerland has also officially approved the installation of these pressurised gas containers, the world is back in order. This has once again shown how a cooperation with ALUGAS and the GAGT e.V., in connection with the ministries in Switzerland (Mr. Kaspar Seiler), can be successful. See also the report “Gas night refuelling made easy”, on the GAGT e.V. website at However, our success is somewhat clouded by incorrect and improper installations. With the multitude of motor caravans on the market and the further predicted BOOM, this is usually a real challenge, especially for newcomers, when installing these “fuel bottles”. Since we receive many customer complaints in/at the market, mostly accompanied by photos, we would like to work with you to reduce the type of to a minimum.

Since a complaint is usually not only associated with annoyance for both sides (customer/installer), but also with the repayment of financial resources, we would now like to offer you a possibility, together with the GAGT e.V., to reduce complaints to a minimum. Here are a few details on how this could be done. Your company becomes a member of GAGT e.V. for 550,00 Euro per year. In return, you will receive support and a lot of information for the respective vehicle when it is installed by you. This support can be manifold, starting with a phone call and the photos of the gas box sent by e-mail. Since there are already INSTALLATION SAMPLE for various vehicles, pictures can also be sent by e-mail. Of course, a video conference via Skype or Zoom etc. is also possible.

But this is not the only thing we can support you with. There are also questions and their answers within the framework of the StVZO, or requirements for DIN standards, UN ECE regulations, vehicle technology EEC/EU, for vehicles and trailers, or also information on mineral oil and fuel standardisation. Of course, we also inform you about applicable directives and regulations in the EU. However, the short-term announcements in the Verkehrsblatt are also very important. This includes further developments and the state of affairs regarding gas system tests for motor vehicles and especially for motor caravans. Recalls and court decisions regarding exhaust manipulation in motor vehicles (motor caravans) and the use of gas systems. (motor caravans) and the use and installation of pressurised gas tanks of all kinds, especially in motor caravans. This and much more belongs to our area of responsibility as an association towards its members, according to requests. Let’s go into the future together and work together on customer satisfaction. If you have any questions about membership, please contact Mr. Peter Ziegler as chairman of the GAGT e.V.. The e-mail address is: . He will answer all your questions in detail. You can also reach him at 06434-4055 or 01717432544. He is also available after 6 p.m. on all working days including Saturdays.

Unfortunately, no technical courses will be possible in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic, so take the opportunity for this offer, which we have now made to you. Of course, it should also not be forgotten that on the GAGT website under “Companies” you can get a link to your company free of charge if you wish. This is also an offer to you.

Kind regards

Peter Ziegler, Karin Nöfer, Jörg Anspach

 on behalf of Peter Ziegler


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