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Book announcement! - GAGT

Book announcement!


Dear visitor, welcome to the website of GAGT e.V., do not be surprised that the chairman of GAGT e.V.. (Peter Ziegler) and former chairman of the now defunct Bundesverband für Gasanlagentechnik e.V. (BFG), has decided to write a book about the gas industry in Germany/EU and its activities. The time has come to tell the public the true background to the demise of the retrofitting of LPG liquid gas systems in mobility. The publications in this book and their actions also affect institutions such as ministries, associations and, of course, parts of the judiciary in their actions. They have all been responsible for ensuring that mobility is also a contribution to improving climate change on the roads. Of course, and this is how it should be, I will also give a future perspective on saving and continuing to use “alternative drives” such as LPG/CNG and H2 in vehicles and thus also on our roads. You can already look forward to a review of all the events of the last twenty years, in words and pictures. I, Peter Ziegler, will publish documents that will leave you speechless here and there. I promise you that! Perhaps you, as a visitor to this site, would like to contribute something that should be mentioned? Send me an e-mail at peter.ziegler@gagt.de, we can then get in touch and discuss further.

Sincerely yours Peter Ziegler


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