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Board of Directors - GAGT

Board of Directors

The abolition of all irritations....

are not easy to put an end to overnight with regard to consumers and the associated market in Germany and Europe. In addition, new fake news emerges every day and pelts the consumer. For this reason, the GAGT e.V. has placed special emphasis on the appointment of board members with regard to their expertise and competence in the matter. Each member of the board has been trained for years in the theory and technology of “LPG gas systems and components”, as well as “LPG fuel gases and fuels” in all conceivable variations. 

Of course, this also includes master car mechanics, mechanical engineers, publicly appointed and sworn experts and, of course, well-trained people in the field of law and interpretation of legislation and its implementation. 

All of us, together, will try to do our best towards them in order to make all the irritation that still exists on the market around products, techniques and legislation more understandable. Members have access to about 50 GB of information in a variety of ways for their company on a specially set up cloud on our website, which can be accessed 24 hours a day with a personally assigned code.     


Peter Ziegler



Thomas Kühl


The centralisation of many activities by the EU Commission in Brussels, in the future, and the central steering of legislation through directives and regulations in the EU, however, also harbours the danger that citizens and also manufacturers of goods and their application can easily lose track. To be or not to be, right or wrong, in the application of this legislation can under certain circumstances be crucial for the survival of a company. For this very reason, we have now also created a direct link to law firms we trust. The main topics, such as competition law, consumer protection and administrative law, are the fields in which they are well versed and can support the board if necessary.

As you can see now, we, the board of the Federal Association GAGT e.V., are optimally positioned to cope with our tasks. Trust us and become a member of the ” German Association for Gas Technology e.V.” (GAGT e.V.) if you have any questions.

For the Board of Directors: Peter Ziegler