About GAGT


German Association for Gas Technologie e.V.

German Association for Gas Technologie e.V. (GAGT e.V.), stands for the presentation of highly modern future-oriented technologies in the field of alternative drives using LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), CNG (Compressed Natural Gas), LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), as well as H2 (hydrogen).

Of course, we are also specialised in the field of energy sources (LPG, CNG, H2) for use in industry and in domestic facilities, as well as heating systems in motor vehicles as independent technical installations. In this context, the application and use of pressurised gas containers with all accessories for storing these gases, taking into account fire and explosion protection, in accordance with the latest state of the art, must of course also be included.

Of course, this also requires knowledge of the necessary places of use in motor vehicles and filling stations on site (petrol stations), taking into account all the necessary draft legislation in the European Economic Area (EEA), in compliance with the “Treaty of Lisbon” of 2007, for the free and unhindered movement of goods in Europe. Further harmonisation of laws in the EU is also an additional focus of attention from our side.

In a time of current political challenges on climate protection and the associated savings of emissions of all kinds, our members are at the forefront of those who are leading the development and marketing of new technical products on the world market.

The safety for the user is of course also under the special focus of the application in practice, taking into account all necessary legal requirements provided with all national and international standards ready for use. However, our members also stand by the quality requirements of “Made in Germany” and “Made in Europe” as a seal of quality towards the consumer. The highest standards with the best trained specialist staff and the associated industrial facilities, which are second to none in the world, are of course also part of this. 

The knowledge of technology and its application for the consumer is now also combined under one roof at GAGT e.V. and can be accessed without long waiting times by telephone or e-mail by appointment. We, the Federal Association GAGT e.V. and its partners, are working on the future of gas technologies and their use in Germany, Europe and even worldwide. If you would also like to participate in this future, become a member of the Federal Association GAGT e.V. and benefit from a membership for your company for the future.


Ein wichtiger Bestandteil unserer Arbeit ist natürlich auch die Beratung in der Auslegung von Verordnungen und Richtlinien zur Beantragung von Typgenehmigungen von neuentwickelten Gasanlagen-Baugruppen und deren Bauteilen. Hierzu gehört auch die Erstellung von regelkonformen Montageanleitungen in Fahrzeugen z.B. unter Berücksichtigung von UN ECE-Regelungen.

Of course, it is also important here to keep an eye on the constant development of legislation and thus to immediately incorporate innovations and changes in the developments. This is guaranteed by the EU’s daily reporting in its portals and their immediate implementation by GAGT e.V.   

gez. Peter Ziegler